It’s time for the summer career inspection!


With the summer holiday about to start, it is the perfect time to have your car inspected. Is the air conditioning working? Does the coolant need topping up? Are your tyres good enough for the long trip? But how about yourself? Because the summer holiday is also a perfect time for a summer inspection of your career! Here are five points of attention for your personal career inspection.

1. Is your battery fully charged?

The summer holiday is the perfect time to charge your battery. But in all honesty: does your job still give you energy? Do you get satisfaction from your work? Or is there too much stress, which drains your battery? Make a list of the current professional activities that make you happy, and of those that drain you. Balance the positives against the negatives and see if your job still suits you.

2. Have you planned your route?

First, stop for a break in Germany. Then, onwards to Switzerland. Final destination: Lake Garda in Italy. Seasoned travelers always plan their route in detail. And you should do the same for your career. Here is a nice exercise for this summer: make a roadmap for your career. Where are you now, what will be your next milestone, and what is your final destination? This will help you decide whether you are on track.

3. Are you carrying the required documents?

Driving license, registration certificate, and European Accident Statement; before you drive off, you must have your paperwork in order. But how about your personal documents? Do you have the required certificates to take that desired next step in your career? Are there positions for which you would require additional education? A training course or a part-time programme allows you to get that required certification while working.

4. Did you check your brakes?

Admit it, A large part of your life, you are driving on cruise control. At times, it is good to hit the brakes. The summer is a good time to stop and check. Are you still in the right position? Are you doing things that you enjoy? Is there room for development in your position, or are you hitting a ceiling? Voicing your desires and ambitions can be very helpful. You will be surprised to find out how liberating a personal pit stop can be. Will you continue on cruise control or is it time to change your course? 

5. Have you arranged for roadside assistance?

“Eeeeh.. problemi al motore.” Breaking down abroad with engine trouble is the worst case scenario. So make sure you have arranged quality roadside assistance. And that also applies when you decide to start studying again. Especially when it concerns a part-time programme or a training course. You must arrange for someone at home who can help you in emergencies. To pick up the kids from school, bring them to their swimming class, or take care of the shopping. In short: first aid for education.

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