How do you make use of information in a legal and correct way without infringing upon copyright? NHL Stenden’s Copyright Information Point (CIP) can help you with this type of question.

You can find information about referencing on the APA website of the library. For questions about that send an email to or contact the information specialist of your course.

Questions regarding the use of information

As a student, teacher or lecturer you have to deal with copyright, for example if you write a thesis or research report. You’ll probably come across questions about the display, storage, processing and sharing of information, digital or otherwise, such as:

  • What is plagiarism?
  • What are the rules for referencing?
  • Can I post a journal article on BlackBoard?
  • Can films be shown in class?

The staff of the CIP can answer your questions and give you information about copyright at NHL Stenden.

More information

About the CIP 

The CIP is a member of the Netwerk Auteursrechten Informatiepunten HBO (NAI-HBO), a national network for higher education. The NAI-HBO works closely with the Netwerk Auteursrechten Informatiepunten binnen het Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (NAI-WO) and the digital rights and expertise community SURF: Copyright