As a student, teacher or lecturer you will have to deal with copyright, for example if you write a thesis or research report, compile learning materials or write a research article. You’ll probably come across questions about displaying, storing, processing and sharing of (digital) information, such as:

  • Can I post a report I found on the internet on BlackBoard?
  • Can I post a bought ebook on Blackboard?
  • Can films be shown in class?
  • What are open educational resources?
  • How do I publish Open Access?
  • What should I consider if I want to publish something yourself?
  • What are the rules for referencing?
  • What is plagiarism?

The staff of NHL Stenden’s Copyright Information Point (CIP) answers questions about copyright in education and offers support for the use and reuse of materials.
You can reach staff members Alie Mud, Simone Leenders and Jellie Visser at

Using (learning) materials on Blackboard, Teams, SharePoint or in class

If you want to use materials from others on Blackboard, Teams, SharePoint or in class, you will first have to check whether this is allowed (e.g. because it falls under the Easy Access agreement, or because it has a Creative Commons license) and which conditions apply.
The infographic Using copyrighted work of others on Blackboard will help you with this step by step. On the back of the infographic you will find more information about copyright, Creative Commons and the UvO Foundation.

Find and (re)use Open Educational Resource

Open Educational Resources are (digital) materials that are freely accessible and can be reused without permission from or compensation to the author. For example, materials with a Creative Commons license, materials in the Public Domain or laws, decrees, regulations from governments.
More information about Open Educational Resources can be found, for example, on SURF's Introduction to Open Education Resources website and in this libguide from HAN (Dutch) and the libguide from University of Groningen (English). Or ask the information specialist of your course.

(Open access) publishing within NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

If you have any questions or would like information about the (open) publication of your research article, dataset, or learning material, you can visit the Research Services Sharepoint site or contact Jellie Visser of the AIP via

What are the rules for referencing?

Information about using sources in your text can be found on the library's APA webpage. You will find various products there that help you make correct source references and avoid plagiarism. If you would like to know more or have any questions, you can email or contact the information specialist of your course.

About the CIP

The CIP is a member of the Network Copyright Information Points NAI-HBO, a national network for higher education.