Restaurant Wannee

Dutch Cuisine: home-grown

Those who do not know any better would simply translate Dutch Cuisine to Potato Dishes. However, the idea behind the Dutch Cuisine goes way beyond that. Culture, health, nature, quality, and worth are the five key ingredients for a nutritious home-grown meal.

The founder of Dutch Cuisine is chef Albert Kooy. In addition to paying attention to flavours, Kooy mainly focuses on the impact our food consumption has on the earth. To his surprise, he concluded that most of our supermarket food comes from abroad. From Kenyan green beans, to onions from New Zealand. This conclusion prompted Kooy to stimulate the future generation of chefs to think about the use of local and regional products.

As a seasoned professional, Kooy commits to the Dutch food culture in which home-grown products are in the limelight. At the core, nature dictates the menu. Better yet: the dish should convey to guests where in the Netherlands and in which season they find themselves. The goal is to cook with 80% seasonal products from Dutch soil.

Artificial additives are a no-go in Dutch Cuisine. The same goes for discarding food. Each and every product is used in its entirety, and chefs try to find creative solutions for every part of the product. Whenever possible, the product is biological, fair trade, animal friendly, regional or even locally produced, and -obviously- as fresh as possible.

The gains of a restaurant that follows these five rules of Dutch Cuisine are not necessarily found in one’s wallet, but mostly in the advantages it offers in terms of healthier food, less waste, and a fair price for fair regional products. Food for thought, right?

Practical learning

Students learn the ropes in NHL Stenden’s own hotel and Wannee restaurant. These learning companies offer them expert guidance as they welcome new guests each day. The perfect place to get a taste of their future!

Unique learning company

NHL Stenden’s hotel is a unique learning company where we train students to become professionals in the hospitality sector. First, second, and third-year students contribute to the daily operation of restaurant Wannee, or they help out in the kitchen. Sustainability is key. We reuse our water, choose local products and we work according to the Dutch Cuisine concept. Curious? You are welcome to come and have a taste!