I'M A.I. - Artificial Intelligence for Image Data

Specialize yourself in image acquisition, image processing and pattern recognizing using machine learning.
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February & September

A potato farmer who wants to detect a disease in his crop as early as possible. The surgeon who wants more visibility into his operation. The processing company that wants to separate different plastics. These are all issues where AI can provide a solution.

  • Do you want to get started with Artificial Intelligence?
  • Do Big and Small Image Data have your interest?
  • Would you like to develop technical solutions to real-world problems under the guidance of experts in the field?

Then the minor I'M A.I. - Artificial Intelligence for Image Data is of your interest! Specialize yourself in image acquisition, image processing and pattern recognizing using machine learning.

Minor content

In this minor you will learn the basics of image acquisition, image processing and pattern recognition using deep learning, among other tools. You learn by working on a real-world problem of one of our clients. This in a lab with state-of-the-art equipment such as a mini-supercomputer, 3D cameras, hyper- and multispectral cameras and JetBots.

You will get familiar with the following aspects: 

  • Image acquisition and configuration of a vision system (camera, lens and illumination) 
  • Image segmentation, image classification, object detection or object counting using deep learning and computer vision. 
  • Validation and optimization of algorithmic performance on datasets. 
  • Programming and using libraries and software tools. 
  • Applied research methodology and writing a technical paper. 
  • Project management using SCRUM. 
  • Design Based Education in short prototyping cycles.

Structure of the minor

You study with us full-time for the length of a semester, you can start each semester (Sept or Feb). The semester starts with a kick-off course on Computer Vision & Data Science. During this course you will build on your basic knowledge and skills in the field. Topics that are covered include for example machine learning, neural networks and object detection. At the end of the second week projects are awarded, based on personal interests and technical background. For the remainder of the semester you will, in a group or individually, work on an real-life applied research projects from one of our partner companies. 

By working on the projects you deepen your knowledge and skills in the field, but also collect evidence for proving the learning outcomes. In monthly sprints you work towards an end product, consisting of a technical paper, poster, presentation and a demonstrator/proof of concept. During weekly SCRUM meetings the project progress is discussed and at the end of each sprint your educational progress. Your supervisor is one of our researchers. We are a small and flexible team and communication lines are short by working in two adjacent rooms. There is ample opportunity to ask questions.

This minor is part of the Mathematical Engineering curriculum and is offered by the Computer Vision & Data Science professorship.

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Study features

Starts in
February & September
European credits
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For specific bachelor programmes & Incoming Exchange


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