Conflict Resolution

Eager to learn all you need about conflict resolution? Find out what your preferred style of resolving a conflict is and become aware of how different people have different styles? Learn to work with the stages and elements of the negotiation proces and develop the skills and techniques of a succesful negotiator? Then Conflict Resolution is the right minor for you!


Study start

  • April
  • November


  • South Africa


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Governance and law
  • Hospitality Management

Minor content

Welcome to the exciting world of conflict resolution! Conflict is inevitable in groups and can occur when two parties are working towards the same goal and generally want the same outcome, or when both parties want a very different settlement. This Minor is grounded in a commitment to interactive, dialogue-based methods of managing and resolving conflict. The focus is on building common ground, establishing dialogue, applying practical skills, ensuring representation and recognition, and forging relationships. 

Private and public-sector organizations find that they must be more equipped to deal with different types of conflict. Personal conflicts, inter-personal conflicts and structural conflicts all point to the need for more effective tools for effective and continued problem solving. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are critical skills for many manager to be effective in the workplace.  

Structure of the minor

  • Assessed against Real World learning - the course is practical in the techniques and practices of resolving conflicts. The role of the non violent communication is emphasized. 
  • Assessment on Practical and Field trips 
  • Students do a comprehensive module assignment 
  • Examination through participation and learning reports 
  • Locally (inter)personal, corporate and labour conflicts are looked at. It is approached from a needs perspective that makes it universal in scope 


  • Assessed against Real World learning 
  • Assessment on Practical and Field trips 
  • Students will have a comprehensive module assignment 
  • Examination through participation and learning reports 


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