Event Management 2 (Thailand)

Want to work together with other students and various partners on a real event? Experience the pressure of delivering results with a diverse group of people on a very tight schedule? Specialize yourself in a facet of event management and experience Thailand first hand? Then Event Management 2 is the right minor for you!

Possible partners are for which you'll manage an event are embassies, trade commissions, universities, entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, non‐profit organizations and social activists.


Study start

  • April
  • November


  • Thailand


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

This minor is great for students who are willing to flex their creative muscle in challenging circumstances and design an experience for themselves that will help make the transition into the professional world. The minor is creative but also challenges students to communicate their creativity and negotiate between their and the client’s ideas. The project will change every week as ideas develop or are ditched. Students learn to be agile, responsive and able to pick up an idea and enhance it.   

Students have to collaborate with local clients coming from different sectors: education, commerce, non‐profit and social enterprises. The work towards weekly client meetings while planning, preparing their event in and around Bangkok will be an important element of the work. Students who seek to compete in a challenging market environment with thousands of events organized each year will enjoy this minor. Visits to local venues and meeting with industry experts who host workshops and/or lectures will also be part of this program.

Structure of the minor

Unit 1: Event Management Project (6 EC) 
In this unit, student will learn based upon a Real-World event you develop your skills on teambuilding, networking, management and leadership in order to develop, organize and execute an event that meets the requirements of the event industry and satisfies both participants, stakeholders and client.   

Unit 2: Event Management Training 
In this unit, Student can apply expertise knowledge on project management, strategic event design and self-chosen topics such as branding, networking, safety, or design on the organization of the event.   

Unit 3: Event Teamwork (6 EC) 
In this unit, student can contribute to the productivity of the team, to fulfilling the quality standards, to the working atmosphere and to reaching the objectives of the event while being able to critically reflect upon your own and others’ actions and their effects on the team’s motivation and performance. 


Unit 1: Portfolio and final presentation. 
Unit 2: Workshops (Project Management, Canvas, Menu2x & ROI), Event Experience. 
Unit 3: MIMT 1 (Me In My Team), MIMT 2 (Me In My Team) 

Admission requirements

Conditional completion of the minor Event Management 1 .
Exception for Leisure & Events Management students that can enter this minor directly.


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