Sustainable use of Oceans and Seas

According to the UN oceans, seas and coastal areas form an integrated and essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem and are critical to sustainable development. Good governance, an enabling environment, sustainable land- and marine- based human activities, and adequate measures will be required to reduce the negative impacts on the marine environment, for example due to a more sustainable use of resources, changes in production and consumption patterns and improved management and control of human activities.

In the minor SOS students learn to design solutions for sustainable use of the oceans and seas and its coasts in a cross-sectoral way based on a real-life challenges for stakeholders such as municipalities, shipping companies, hotel companies and environmental protection organizations.


Study start

  • September


  • Terschelling


  • English
  • Dutch

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For specific bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Maritime
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

The core of the minor consists of a practice based design research project based on a problem or request from a stakeholder (for example Gemeente Terschelling). Students work in a multidisciplinary team (for example maritime officer, ocean technology, naval architecture and leasure&tourism) to create solutions for a sustainable use of oceans, seas and coasts. Students will apply their research in the local area: Terschelling, Wadden Sea and North Sea.

Students will, depending on their bachelor education, receive supporting classes to obtain the knowledge required to successfully complete the research project.

Structure of the minor

  • Project thesis
  • Regulating sustainable oceans, seas and coasts
  • Choice of modules (tentative list):
    • Sustainable ship propulsion
    • Circular ship design
    • Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism
    • Sustainable food from the sea
    • Renewable energy from the Sea
    • Sustainable management of wrecks and munition on the seabed


  • Research report
  • Presentation
  • Written exam
  • Assessment


This minor is specifically for Maritime Officer, Ocean Technology and Maritime Technology students who meet the admissability criteria for the minor phase of their respecitive study programs. Students of Leisure & Tourism and interested students from other study programs can inquire about admissibility from the minor coordinator.


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