Wellness Economy

The module in Thailand provides you with a global overview of the wellness economy, its characteristics and industry developments. Further to this, you will be tasked with understanding the needs and wants of a customer segment and make plans for implementing wellness initiative into the Thai market. To assist you we have inspirational speakers and workshops from industry experts and will visit leading wellness related companies in Bangkok. You will develop a deeper understanding of current issues in this economy and the challenges. 


Study start

  • February
  • September


  • Thailand


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

On a weekly basis you will have access to either industry professionals or dedicated lectures in which your research will be critically assessed for findings and obtained insights. This minor’s uniqueness is that on one hand you will obtain personal insights into topics that relate to (your personal) health and wellbeing.  

On the other hand, throughout this minor you will be challenged to develop your research skills as you will analyze both the wellness economy as well as a specific industry within it, you will apply various strategic management tools and eventually you will have gained an in-depth understanding of an important and growing worldwide economic driver as well as some of the industries within it.   

Structure of the minor

Unit 1: Exploring Wellness
In this unit, students are able to understand what is meant by wellness economy and understanding the different types business that make up the wellness economy. Moreover, learn and critically discuss contemporary ideology in wellness and identify wellness trends. Furthermore, the ability to critically compare and analyse wellness initiatives plus conduct secondary research.   

Unit 2: Wellness Entrepreneur 
In this unit, students will gain experience in understanding the forces behind consumer decisions on their wellness initiative, creating a prototype of their product/service idea (value elements) and test on Thai consumers with the main goal being to understand the wellness consumer and the driving forces that influence their decisions.   

Unit 3: Personal Development Portfolio  
In this unit, students will work on a personal portfolio in which you can demonstrate gained knowledge and reflect on own learning in terms of personal and professional development and set personal learning objectives to reflect on their set goals and progress through a series of portfolio essays and vlog.    


  • Unit 1: Students will conduct 3 student-led seminars (SLS) throughout the course of this minor where knowledge will be transferred.   
  • Unit 2: Value proposition and infographic presentation, Urban Safari, Shark Tank of Wellness presentation.   
  • Unit 3: Goal Setting Essay, Experience Vlog/Essay, Reflective Essay: Reflection on Learning Expectations and Objectives.

Target group

GT minors are open to all students of NHL Stenden.


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