Corona update 14 november 2021

At the press conference on Friday 12 November, the Dutch Cabinet announced a partial lockdown as of Saturday 13 November and lasting at least three weeks. Fortunately, education and research are exempted from the lockdown and can still take place physically, but a maximum group size applies again. In this update we explain which measures affect higher education and what this means for you.


Classes continue to be held physically. Also classes scheduled in the evening continue physically

Maximum group size

In higher education there is a maximum group size of 75 persons per (lecture) room. This maximum group size does not apply to walk-throughs such as corridors and halss. An exception is made for the administration of examinations and exams. If this has consequences for your schedule, you will be informed via your study programme.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the school remain unchanged. The libraries will remain open in the evenings so that students can study there. The catering industry has to close at 8 p.m. This also applies to our restaurants: Restaurant Wannee in Leeuwarden and Restaurant Stones in Emmen.

Basic rules continue to apply

In addition to the tightened regulations, the basic rules continue to apply, even if you are vaccinated. This means you should:

  • Keep 1.5 metres distance from others;
  • wash your hands regularly and clean your desk;
  • not shake hands;
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow;
  • stay at home if you have covid-19 symptoms and get tested by the municipal health service (GGD);
  • go into home quarantine if one of your housemates is infected with corona. Even if you have been vaccinated yourself, you should go into quarantine;
  • ensure a good flow of fresh air in classrooms and offices;
  • wear a face mask when moving around inside the campus buildings. You can take off your face mask once you're seated;
  • do a self-test twice a week if you're coming on campus. You can order your free self-tests here.
  • If you are unsure as to whether or not you should come on site because you have COVID-19 symptoms or someone near you is infected with corona, then check out this handy flowchart.

It's up to us

As a University of Applied Sciences, we keep to the regulations set by the government and we hope you understand and appreciate this. The better we comply with the measures, the less the virus can spread. Together, we will ensure that our University of Applied Sciences remains a safe place to work and learn. The situation will be reassessed on Friday 3 December. If the measures for higher education change, we will let you know in a new corona update.

Erica, Marc and Oscar