Corona update 20 August 2021

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The summer holidays have drawn to a close and so the new academic year is about to start and we hope you’ve had a good holiday. The Dutch government held a press conference on 13 August announcing the measures in place and the measures to be lifted for the start of the new academic year. After almost 18 months of studying from home and with very little contact with fellow students and lecturers, things are now heading in the right direction. For instance, the 1.5 metre social distancing rule will be lifted within the education sector. This means that we’re now able to welcome you back to class in person and we’re truly looking forward to it. There are however still a number of measures in place and we need to all keep to these measures in order to be able to start the academic year in a responsible manner. Are you already familiar with the corona measures in place in the Netherlands and in our university of applied sciences? We’ll explain more in this update.

In this update, we’d like to tell you more.

Measures on campus as of 30 August

As of Monday 30 August, the 1.5 metre rule has been lifted for higher education. It will then no longer be necessary to maintain 1.5 metres distance from others while on campus. However, please do give each other space so that, together, we can ensure things continue to go well. Remember; the 1.5 metre rule does apply in other places, such as in the supermarket and in public spaces.

  • Face masks are compulsory on campus. Once you are seated or in a fixed standing place, then you may remove your face mask.
  • Face masks are also compulsory when travelling by public transport.
  • In order to be able to lift the 1.5 metre measure in the education sector, preventative self-testing continues to apply for both students and staff. It is advised to do a self-test twice a week as you may be carrying the virus without experiencing any symptoms. You can order self-tests for free at, logging in using your NHL Stenden account. The tests will be sent to the address you are registered at.
  • Classes will be given in as far as is possible on campus again and you can also work in the study landscapes again. The following measures then apply: clean your desk, give each other space and make sure you keep walkways clear. Stewards are on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • A maximum of 75 students (excluding lecturers and/or supervisors) is permitted per teaching area. This applies to all educational activities (classes, lectures, work groups, practicals, etc.) and also applies in the canteens and library. The maximum group size does not apply in corridors or other open spaces and thoroughfares.

What else do you need to know?

  • The Dutch government website provides an overview of the basic measures in place in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Conditions and restrictions vary per country and the Dutch government has issued clear instructions as to what to do before, during and after travelling to the Netherlands. We strongly recommend you check out what conditions apply to you and ensure you plan enough time in to make sure you can meet the requirements before your studies start. If you’ve not yet arrived in the Netherlands, please contact your study programme in order to discuss how you can follow classes online.
  • You can get vaccinated in the Netherlands. International students who live in the Netherlands and are registered with the local municipality will be able to access the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the Netherlands. The RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) will send you an invitation for a vaccination appointment to the address at which you are registered. Please note: You will need to have a citizen service number (BSN), in order to join the vaccination programme. To obtain a BSN number, you need to have arranged an appointment with the local council for within 5 days after arrival. You also need a BSN to, for instance, open a Dutch bank account. For more information, visit the Dutch government website.
  • Current measures continue to apply to the activities held during the Study Start Week (23-27 August). The new measures, as given here, will apply during and after the opening of the new academic year on 30 August: 1.5 metre social distancing is no longer compulsory within the campus buildings, face masks must be worn while moving around on campus, and there is a maximum capacity of 75 people in closed areas
  • If you have symptoms typical to the coronavirus such as coughing, a fever or a cold, then stay home and get tested at an official GGD test location. For more information, see the Dutch government website

If you have any questions about studying at NHL Stenden during this corona pandemic, then check out our Q&A’s or get in touch with us at

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