Corona update 5 January 2022

The Dutch Cabinet announced on Monday 3 January that higher education (website in Dutch) will not be reopening. Our university of applied sciences will remain closed for nearly all educational activities and work, at least until Saturday 15 January 2022.

Campus remains closed for the time being

  • From Monday 10 January until Saturday 15 January, classes will be given online and there will be no face-to-face educational activities. 
  • The university of applied sciences is open only for tests and exams, for coaching of vulnerable students and for practicals, and the libraries are still open for students. Individual study activities (such as final interviews, feedback sessions or individual atelier work) are considered practical education and are therefore allowed if strictly necessary. Those students who are allowed to come on campus for practical education will receive an invitation from their study programme. 
  • Tests planned for the coming period will take place as scheduled. The study programmes will let the students know if changes are made. 
  • When doing an internship, the rules apply for the field in which the student is working.
  • For staff, the rule is that you can only come on campus if invited. If an employee has work that can only be done on location or if they are, for some other reason, unable to work from home, they will discuss this with their manager. 
  • Research activities may, as is already the case, only take place on campus if strictly location-based. 

Opening times for facilities 

  • Notiz Hotel will open on 10 January and offer a Bed & Breakfast service with breakfast being served in the room. 
  • Restaurant Wannee in Leeuwarden and restaurant Stones will remain closed for the time being. 
  • The Canteen in Leeuwarden is open from 10am to 2pm. The canteen in Emmen is open van 11am to 1.30pm.

Basic measures continue to apply

  • If students or staff have been away on holiday or returned to their home country, then they must keep to the quarantaine rules set by the Dutch Government. 
  • If students or staff really need to be on campus, then they are strongly advised to stay 1.5 meters away from others and wear a face mask. In addition, they must keep to the basic measures in place. 
  • If you have any questions about the coronavirus, please check the frequently asked questions on the RIVM website. If you would like to know more about the booster vaccination, read the information here.