Update corona crisis 22 April 2020

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Mark Rutter announced new measures for tackling the coronavirus. The current ‘intelligent lockdown’ has been extended until 19 May, and the ban on events requiring a permit has been extended until 1 September 2020. Measures for primary school children, childcare centres and sports clubs, however, have been relaxed. For NHL Stenden, the decision taken in April still applies: we will only be providing online education until at least 1 June.


The corona crisis means that prospective students are having to get to know their future university of applied sciences in a completely different way. For instance, online alternatives are being organised for large events, such as the Online Open Days that are currently well underway. “And the Study Start Week when new students get to know their fellow students and NHL Stenden will be different next academic year,” explains Erica. “But if I look at how creative and involved both our staff and students are, I’m confident they’ll come up with a lively alternative.”

Looking ahead

More measures will be announced again by the Dutch cabinet on 13 May. Erica: “We hope that we can then offer more clarity to our students. But if we’re realistic, then it means we expect to provide mainly online education for the rest of this academic year, including an online test week at the end of period 4. Of course, we’re also looking ahead. How will we organise our education in a society where we have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other? And what are our priorities?” Various scenarios are being examined that will help us spring into action when measures are relaxed.

Erica: “We are doing all we can to prevent a negative effect on the duration of studies, but our main priority is the health and safety of our students and staff and, of course, of society in general. Everyone in our university of applied sciences, from student to lecturer and from staff member to business partner is doing their bit to fight the coronavirus. Thank you, all of you!”

You can find the latest information regarding the corona crisis, including a comprehensive Q&A on our intranet and on nhlstenden.com/en/corona-en.

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