We’re open again!


The 1.5 metre social distancing rule will become a thing of the past as of Monday 30 August. It’s good news for us as it means we’ll be able to make full use of our teaching areas and welcome all our students onto campus in person. Erica Schaper, chair of the Executive Board, says, “We’re very happy that face-to-face education is again possible for our students and lecturers. Direct contact is such an essential part of studying. By lifting the 1.5 metre rule, we can focus once more on what we are really good at, namely working towards worldwide innovation by educating the generation of the future.”

So as to be able start the year in a responsible manner, a number of measures are still in place on our campuses:

  • Face masks are compulsory when moving around the campuses. Once you are seated or in a fixed standing position, then you can take your face mask off.
  • A maximum of 75 students is permitted per teaching area. This does not apply in hallways or other open spaces and thoroughfares.
  • It is still advised to carry out a self-test twice a week. Students and staff can order self-tests for free on zelftestonderwijs.nl.

Naturally, we will inform students and staff before the start of the new academic year of any other practicalities they need to know. Together, we are going to make sure that these positive developments will continue so that further relaxation of the measures will gradually ensue.

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