5 ways to polish up your career

Monday 29 March 2021

With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to give your house a shake-up. Wash those curtains, clean out those cupboards and finally get round to turning the mattresses. And what about you yourself? With sunny days are on their way, this is the ideal time for giving your career a polish – and we’ve got five points for you to bear in mind as you dust down your work and give your future more shine.

Still shining?

As the evenings are getting longer, it’s a great chance to give all your rooms a good scrubbing – and we mean the rooms in your head too. After all, be honest, what do you see when you open the door to your career room? Is it still shining or is there a layer of dust on the bookshelf? Ask yourself if you are still happy in your work. Or is it draining so much energy from you that the sink is getting blocked? Write yourself a list of those things in your work that make you happy and those things you’d rather sweep away. Weigh up the plusses and minuses and find out if your job is still the right one for you.

Is it sustainable?

Organic soap, reusable cloths, a dash less detergent – there’s all kinds of ways of cleaning your house in a more sustainable manner. And the same is true for your career. What energy-saving solutions could ultimately help you generate more energy? When you’ve finished vacuuming, why not make a sustainable plan for your career? What are you doing now, what do you want to do in the future and what steps do you need to take to get there? It’ll help you find out if the time is ripe for a sustainable approach.

Have you got the right tools?

A bucket of Dettol to clean a carpet? Surely not? Before you start cleaning, it’s good to know what you need in order to best carry out the task. It’ll save you both time and effort. The same goes for you and the tools you have. What papers do you need in order to take that next step in your dream career? Are there jobs that require an extra qualification? Or can you give your current job a polish by gaining new skills? A short course or a part-time study alongside your work can mean you gain new knowledge or get the qualifications you need.

What needs scrubbing?

Have you ever hit that point when you realize things have become dull? That’s when a good scrub is needed. A good scouring that can help clear your mind so you can gather your thoughts. Are you still in the right place? Are you doing what you enjoy? Is there room for growth or are there cracks in your development? It helps if you talk about your ambitions and dreams, and even if it feels a little nerve-racking at first, you’ll be surprised how liberating it can be. Remember, a gem can’t shine without friction.

Have you got help sorted?

“Er, yeah, it’s, er, usually really tidy. Honestly!” Work, family and a busy social life all mean your home can quickly be a mess again. So make sure you’ve got help sorted. And this applies just as much when you decide to start studying again – especially if you’re going to be doing a part-time degree or professional course. Ask the Study Advice Centre for help and coaching and make sure you have a back-up at home in case of emergencies: to pick up the kids from school, take them to swimming lessons or to do the shopping. In short, your first aider while studying.

Work and Study Webinar

If you’ve finished polishing and you now want to find out what opportunities there are for you in terms of part-time studies, then join our Work & Study webinar (in Dutch) on Tuesday 20 April. You’ll hear about all the possibilities you have and get to chat with Work & Study experts about important matters such as finance, provisions and admission requirements. We’re here to help!