6 tips to stay up to speed in your field

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Do you sometimes feel insecure about your work? Because your younger colleague blows you away with new knowledge and you are unsure whether your understanding is still sufficient for your current job? Keeping up with developments in your field does not have to be difficult and can be done in many more ways than you may think. Here are six tips to stay up to speed in your field:

1. Look at the (social) media

Whether you read the paper or follow your favourite influencer or field expert; media can help you see current developments. From political developments to the newest products. Follow your trade magazine on construction via their website and LinkedIN as well, for instance, or find out the online activities of that always-up-to-date tech journalist.

2. Visit the good old events

Events are organised in almost every sector. From care to engineering and from marketing to logistics. Comb through the event calendars now and then and bring along your colleague to an event in the neighbourhood. Or take a look across the border! Added bonus? At events, you will meet people with the same interests, which turns out to be useful for the next tip: your network.

3. Your network

Your study friend from six years ago, your neighbour’s good friend, or your former boss. These are all people that may be doing very interesting things. Why not add them on LinkedIN or meet for coffee? You can check in on them and see what they are up to. You may learn a thing or two.

4. Watch tutorials and do training sessions

A tutorial or training can really do wonders for your knowledge in your area, whether you attend them in real life or via internet. As a graphical designer, for instance, it is good to know how the latest versions of Indesign and Photoshop work. While in retail, you may want to know current views on what the best way is to promote your product. Learning new things can be done through a course, YouTube, and livestreams. There are plenty of possibilities!

5. Get inspired by your peers

This may not be the most obvious, but it is a very fun one; visit the neighbours. Are you a communication specialist who works at a small company and are you curious how your job is done in a governmental setting? Are you a fan of a certain company? Or are you working at a large company and are you curious about how independent entrepreneurs go about things? Be bold and ask someone who has a job that you want to know more about. And invite them to your job too; it may grow to be a great exchange.

6. Be all ears

Are you familiar with the world of podcasts? There are podcasts about the strangest and most interesting subjects. How about today’s science, losing weight, economic programmes, or whole series on storytelling? If you can imagine it, there’s a podcast for it. Learn things you did not yet know you were interested in.