Corona update – 29 September 2020

On Monday 28 September, the Dutch Cabinet announced the implementation of additional corona measures. The measures they announced are far-reaching but we see that they are also necessary. We are happy that these extra measures, that will be in effect for the coming three weeks, still allow for face-to-face teaching, but we continue to stress how it important it is that everyone keeps to the regulations - on campus and in your personal environments.

Many of the measures announced do not concern the education sector. For instance, we are exempt from the rule of a maximum of 30 people in a group. And travel to and from schools and universities is still considered to be ‘essential’ travel. Below is an overview of how the new measures will affect teaching on our campuses:  

  • On-campus face-to-face lectures and tests will take place as scheduled in the latest timetabling and test timetables.  
  • Students and staff can continue to use public transport to get to our campuses for your face-to-face lectures. You must wear a face covering while travelling.  
  • Our catering facilities (such as canteens, restaurants and coffee bars) will remain open. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the services they provide.  
  • On our campuses, everyone must continue to stay 1.5 metres away from each other and adhere to the other regulations set by the Dutch government.   
  • Walking routes are indicated within our buildings and instructions on how to act responsibly and safely are posted all around the campuses. 
  • Students and staff should not stay on campus any longer than is strictly necessary or go from place to place unless absolutely necessary. 
  • The guidelines set by the RIVM regarding staying at home apply if a student or member of staff show symptoms or if a member of their household has arranged to get tested for COVID-19. If students and staff are unsure as to whether they should stay at home or not, we’ve drawn up some useful flowcharts.  
  • Students and staff should only come to campus for educational activities or to provide support services essential to education. Aside from these lessons, we all generally work from home.