Huge interest in teaching job at NHL Stenden

Thursday 13 May 2021

Over 1100 potential teachers attended the webinar 'Working at NHL Stenden' on Tuesday evening 11 May. Many of those interested are not yet teachers, but work in one of the fields for which NHL Stenden trains. NHL Stenden is interested in current teachers, but also in this target group. A lecturer with a wealth of field experience fits in well with the unique educational concept of Design Based Education at NHL Stenden. During the webinar, which is part of a major campaign to recruit 100 new teachers, both staff and students shared their experiences of working and studying at the university. Participants in the webinar could also ask any questions they had.

Webinar "Werken bij NHL Stenden"

Will you be one of our 100 new lecturers?

During the webinar, current lecturers, but also people working in the field who are not yet lecturers, were encouraged to apply for a job as one of the 100 new lecturers at NHL Stenden. Alette Hospers, HRM director of the University of Applied Sciences: "If you bring a wealth of experience from the professional field, you are more than welcome to apply. As a teacher these days, you are more of a coach who supervises students and carries out research together with them. This role as a coach is also evident in Design Based Education (DBE), the unique educational concept of the university of applied sciences. Patrick van Aalst, education expert at NHL Stenden: "At NHL Stenden, teachers work with students in studios in small multidisciplinary project groups on current issues from the field. As teachers, we create situations in which students learn as much as possible from and with each other. We give students the space to discover their own talent and stand beside them rather than in front of them."

Role of the student

At NHL Stenden, the student comes first. Stan Endeman, first-year student of Creative Business, therefore also joined the webinar and was given the opportunity to describe his ideal future teacher. "For me, a good teacher is someone who challenges and motivates you. Who makes you think again about a subject and is easy to approach." There was a positive reaction at the table to Stan's clear expectations of a teacher. Alette Hospers therefore made him a spontaneous offer: "You are hereby invited to participate in the selection committee for new lecturers of your own study programme!”

Didactic competence

During the webinar, the chat was filled with questions from participants. A common question was about obtaining a teaching qualification. Can you become a teacher if you do not yet have didactic qualifications? NHL Stenden also welcomes these people with open arms. They can obtain the necessary certificates at the school's expense as soon as they have started working as teachers.

About the campaign

At the end of April, a major recruitment campaign was launched to recruit 100 new teachers by September. These extra lecturers are needed to relieve the high work pressure among current lecturers and to continue to contribute to the quality of education in the future, for example by providing more personal guidance to students. To be able to pay for the extra teachers, extra financial means will be made available from the National Programme for Education.