Messages in the media about education in corona time

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Today, several local media published articles on how we are going to organise our education when the corona measures are loosened. In these items, a number of possible future scenarios are outlined. In these, the media are anticipating the announcements that will be made tonight in the press conference and the information that we want to share with students and staff as a result.

Government guidelines

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences always follows government guidelines. We therefore always follow the final reports from the government when making decisions and reporting on them. A new press conference will be held this evening. On the basis of the announcements that will then be made, we will inform our students and staff tomorrow about the steps we can take until the summer. The focus will be on preventing our students from delaying their studies.


It is correct that within our university of applied sciences we are thinking about how we will offer our education when the measures in regards to the coronavirus are relaxed. To this end, we work on the basis of various scenarios. And the prognosis, as outlined in the media, is that this will take place via a phased approach. But we want to emphasize that we simply do not know what the world will look like in a few months and what this will entail for our education. That is why we are not yet making definite statements about this.