NHL Stenden about Strategic Agenda: Stresses the importance of regional anchoring and international collaboration

Monday 02 December 2019

Today minister Van Engelshoven presented the Strategic Agenda for Higher Education and Research. Erica Schaper, the chairperson of the Executive Board of NHL Stenden said that, “We are positive that the minister has emphasized the importance of practical research in the agenda and that attention is paid to the relationship that higher education plays in the regions, in particular for regional anchoring and international collaboration.

Through our education and research we are contributing not only to global innovation but also the vitalization of the regions in which we are active. Take for example the practical research being carried out around ‘vital regions’, in which we develop cutting edge knowledge in collaboration with the work field and other partners to make the north of the Netherlands more vital. The confirms that our presence in the north brings added value to the society  in this region.

At the same time we also notice that even though the demand from the labour market is growing the influx of young people from the region is diminishing. One example where we can see this in the Bachelors courses for teachers. This is why we are investing energy in attracting (international) talent from outside the region. Through this investment we are contributing to the economic development of the Northern regions.

The minister also emphasizes the importance of education that can fulfil the needs of students. We invest in life-long learning and in the offering of flexible education for all ages, and in this way we raise the employment sustainability of the workforce. By ensuring that we educate potential in the areas that our environment needs, we take on our societal responsibility and make our regions even more vital.”.