NHL Stenden: “The coronavirus is gaining ground. We have to stay alert.”

Tuesday 22 September 2020

In the past few days, there have been a few cases of coronavirus confirmed amongst NHL Stenden students. The contact tracing investigation carried out by the Municipal Health Service (GGD) indicates that there, as yet, has been no risk of infection identified within the walls of our university of applied sciences. Erica Schaper, chair of NHL Stenden’s Executive Board: “We see an increase on a national level of the number of coronavirus cases and we regret that our students and staff are also being affected by the virus. We have to stay alert.”

As the number of corona infections is rising amongst younger people, NHL Stenden is working with various parties on a joint informational campaign. The university of applied sciences is also continuing to provide updates to students and staff on the latest developments. “We notice for instance that there are a lot of questions concerning whether or not you can come to our buildings or not,” explains Schaper. “So we’re giving this extra attention in our communications. Sound information is essential in the fight against the coronavirus.”

Corona measures at NHL Stenden

The recent infections occurred within the private circles of those concerned. The university of applied sciences is in close contact with the students in question and they are doing well, all things considered. The current cases have no direct impact on the classes being given at the university campuses. “We have thought very carefully about how we can prevent our buildings from being too busy,” says Schaper. “The lesson times have been set such that there are as few students as possible moving from one classroom to another. Our timetabling also bears in mind how we can help prevent crowding on public transport.”

Sense of responsibility

The introduction period to launch the new academic year, that took place over the past few weeks, went well. It is an important first experience of student life here, particularly for first year students. Schaper: “The Dutch Cabinet announced new measures in the middle of the summer holiday regarding introduction weeks. Our staff and students quickly sprung into action so that the new guidelines could be met – and everyone took the guidelines seriously during the intro week activities. We see our students and staff carrying this same sense of responsibility when they visit our campuses. It makes us feel very confident.”