NHL Stenden satisfied with Inspection Report regarding Qatar

Friday 06 November 2020

Today, the Inspectorate of Education released its report concerning the NHL Stenden’s provision of educational activities in Qatar. The report concludes that NHL Stenden complies with laws and regulations regarding educa-tion abroad, the admission of students from Qatar into its programmes and the role of the exam committees.

Chair of the Executive Board, Erica Schaper, says, “We can look back on a due process that has led, amongst other things, to a review of the way in which NHL Stenden gives substance and shape to internationalisation. We have done this as the quality of our education needs to be indisputable, and so we are pleased with the conclusion that NHL Stenden complies with the laws and regulations regarding education abroad, including admissions of students from Qatar, decisions on exemptions and the role of the exam committees.”

This brings an end to the matter for the Inspectorate. The practical implementation will be discussed by the Inspectorate and NHL Stenden in a year’s time.

The report is available here.