NHL Stenden students get heartened with psychologist and DJ

Friday 05 March 2021

Last week NHL Stenden arranged a live session with psychologist Hanadi El Metni on the Instagram channel of the college. In the evening students could relax during a live online performance of DJ Eve.

Various studies underline the fact that many students experience emotional complaints now that they have been without physical education for so long. NHL Stenden feels it is necessary to do something about this. From tips for feeling less lonely to helping students cope with negative thoughts and panic attacks, during the session the psychologist covered all the topics that students had submitted themselves after an appeal. "Perfect timing" and "I will use this next time I want to change how I feel" are some of the reactions from students confirming its importance. That same evening, DJ Eve played music for the students from home, so that they could enjoy themselves despite the curfew and party ban. Students could submit their requests in advance.

Motivational Monday

The use of the psychologist and DJ is part of the "Motivational Monday" programme of NHL Stenden. This was set up in mid-January 2021 when just was announced that the lockdown was going to last longer. Since then, every Monday there is something on the Instagram and Facebook channel of the university to give the students a boost. Fun alternative (online) activities such as a pub quiz, practical and mental support such as the Listening Line and feel-good workshops and even free sports lessons.

Psychologist Hanadi El Metni and DJ Eve

Psychologist Hanadi El Metni has specialised in psychological problems among students, including during her work as 'in-house' psychologist at the NHL Stenden location in Meppel. Since the online teaching, she has been supporting, often international students individually. DJ Eve is the stage name of 21-year-old Esmee van Eck, who naturally prefers to perform at big parties. She knows exactly how students feel, because she herself is studying Business Administration at NHL Stenden.