Response NHL Stenden to news article NRC

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Today's NRC contains an article about Stenden University Qatar. The article was written by investigative journalist Merijn Rengers.

The topics discussed in the article date from the period 2011 - 2017. Stenden's management at the time investigated every complaint. Under the leadership of the independent agency Hobéon, among others. The quality of education has also been externally assessed by the Netherlands Quality Agency (NQA) and THE-ICE. We have always acted on signals and suggestions for improvement have been taken up. This has been carefully monitored.

The content of the article is suggestive and also ignores the fact that in all cases immediate action was taken. The NRC headlines are not supported by facts. No unwarranted diplomas have been awarded to foreign students. The teaching and examination regulations, the teaching and assessment programme, the external assessment of theses and graduation levels are the same as in the Netherlands. Students from Qatar must also study in the Netherlands for one year.

Together with our cooperation partner, we offer good education at this small location, which complies with Dutch legislation and regulations. Education that responds to the demand from the work field. This offers our hospitality, tourism and international business students an important experience in the Middle East and a good start in the labour market.

The Inspectorate investigates the admission and assessment of students on the basis of an anonymous signal. The Inspectorate expects the final report to be ready in the course of the spring. In view of the previous investigations, we look forward to the findings with confidence and are open to further improvements. We adhere to the practice of not communicating on substantive matters during an ongoing investigation by the Inspectorate.

About NHL Stenden
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences was created when NHL and Stenden merged on 1 January 2018. The new institution has over 24,000 students and 2,200 employees and has 12 locations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Stenden University Qatar has approximately 280 students and is a partnership between Al Rayyan International Education and NHL Stenden. Al Rayyan International Education provides the facilities, while NHL Stenden is responsible for the education. The Grand Tour offers Dutch students the opportunity to gain learning and working experience in the Middle East.