Start academic year NHL Stenden with the theme Change

Friday 04 September 2020

Monday afternoon, 31 August, saw the kick-off of the new academic year for NHL Stenden with the theme of Change. The festive opening of the academic year attracts hundreds of students and staff each year and this year’s event, which took place online because of corona regulations, was as popular as ever. So popular that extra facilities had to be quickly put in place so as to cope with all the online visitors.

Admiration for creativity and determination

It was clear in the studio that everyone was looking forward to the new year. “We can start up again and we’re really happy that we can,” said Erica Schaper. “And we are more than ready to provide education in a blended form.” In addition to giving a warm welcome to our new students, we’re also focusing on preventing delays in study duration. “And I’m therefore calling on our professional network to continue to provide internships,” asserted Erica. Maurice Limmen spoke of his admiration for the determination students showed during this unusual period. “We are still in a period of crisis. Let’s make something of it and get to work.”

Following short clips of students and staff in the Netherlands and abroad, Maurice and Erica praised the many initiatives and campaigns set up by students during the corona crisis. The videos gave an impression of how big changes can bring out the best in people.

Life-changing moment

23-year-old Justin talked of his life-changing moment when he was diagnosed with severe liver and kidney disease at just 14 and his fight for his life at 16 in hospital. This intense experience brought focus to Justin’s life and he decided not to put anything off anymore. “I picked up my guitar and have hardly put it down since. However hard the setbacks are, you should never forget where your passion lies.” At the end of the show, Justin gave his first live performance for NHL Stenden.

Rewatch the Start of the Academic Year

The online edition of the Start of the Academic Year was recorded and can be rewatched on our YouTube channel. English subtitles will be available from Thursday.

Rewatch the Start of the Academic Year