Student Bas Strengers launches magazine about mental health

Tuesday 09 March 2021

Being open about how you are really doing as a student is not always easy. But it is all the more important right now, in the face of COVID-19 and the pressure to perform. This prompted Online Content Creator student Bas Strengers to produce a magazine about this topic. His interviews with fellow-students yielded several honest stories that he collected in a beautiful magazine.


Bas: “I’ve noticed that my peers and I don’t always find it easy to discuss our mental health. Regardless of whether this concerns our health in these corona times or other mental health issues. I wanted to break this taboo and create openness. This gave me the idea of making a magazine. Besides it being an assignment for school, I really want students to benefit from this as well.”

Finding young people who wanted to share their personal stories, however, was not easy. He managed to get in touch with a number of students by means of a notice on the study programme’s Instagram account and through his own network.

Bas: “It was, to be honest, quite shocking and disturbing to finally read the stories on paper. It’s sad to find that people can feel that way. I have since received many responses, varying from ‘intense’ to ‘beautiful’.

Are you curious about the magazine Bas made? Bas wrote the magazine in Dutch, but we have translated the stories of Suus, Danique and Ella in English for you. You can read them here in English!

Do want to read the whole magazine (in Dutch)? Click here!