Dutch Higher Education Guide 2021: NHL Stenden in top 3 for third consecutive year

Thursday 08 October 2020

For the third consecutive year, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has been listed as one of the top 3 universities of applied sciences in the Higher Education Guide for 2021 (Keuzegids Hbo 2021). The school scores highly in, amongst others, the areas of Training & Education, Culture & Art and Hotel Management. In addition, 20 of the university’s programmes have been listed as Top Programmes. Erica Schaper, chair of the Executive Board: “The main principle with our merger was quality. This great result shows that we really do have quality in-house. It’s a great achievement for all our staff and partners!”

”University of applied sciences is proud the results confirm the success of the merger”

Focus on quality 

In its strategy covering 2019-2024, NHL Stenden opted to focus strongly on quality. The unique educational concept Design-Based Education forms part of this with students learning from experience, experimenting and evaluating their own learning process. Erica: “We ensure we provide an inspiring learning environment, professional guidance and a strong sense of commitment to our students. We know our students. And you see our quality reflected in the strong ties we have with the local and international field. Most students start working for a professional employer as early as year one, which can be quite nerve-racking, but is also extremely educational.”  

Top programmes

The Guide bases its results on such aspects as student satisfaction and the number of students successfully finishing their studies. Of the 71 NHL Stenden study programmes evaluated, 20 were accredited as a Top Programme* and received an official stamp of quality from the Higher Education Guide. Last year, the university had 19 Top Programmes and, this year, this has increased to 20. The Maritime Officer programme has been awarded the Top Programme accreditation for the seventh successive year while newcomers this year include the bachelor programmes for the Hotel School and European Studies in Leeuwarden.  

Student Success Centre 

The Guide also indicates that there is room for improvement concerning academic success. In other words, the number of students that go on to their second year and the number of students graduating within five years. Erica: “Improving academic success in our programmes is high on our agenda. A good example is the Student Success Centre, that students can turn to with questions about their studies, student life and more personal matters. Your time as a student is about more than just studying. What happens outside the programme can have a huge impact on someone’s studies.”

*) In the Higher Education Guide 2021, a Top Programme is rated with 75 points or more in quality comparisons, making it one of the best in the Netherlands.