Dr. Maya Aghaei 
Lecturer and Researcher Computer Vision & Data Science  

Academy Technology & Innovation 
Professorship of Applied Sciences in Computer Vision & Data Science  

Dr. Maya Aghaei is a researcher lecturer at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, at the Computer Vision and Data Science professorship. There she is responsible for supervising and mentoring Minor and Master students. Prior to that, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, focusing on the development of comprehensive AI solutions for various large industries. Maya has Computer Software background and holds a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Computer Vision from University of Barcelona. She has solid research skills in the field of Applied Computer Vision, Machine Learning and General AI. Her research interest is to tackle novel and classical challenges in applying cutting-edge AI techniques to solve real world problems.  

Maya Aghaei


Phone: +31 6 13260120  

Mail: maya.aghaei.gavari@nhlstenden.com  

LinkedIn: Maya Aghaei

Publications: Scholar