Didactic tips & tricks

Distance learning is about more than just technology. A new working method means applying new didactic insights. More information will be available shortly on how the didactic principles of Design-Based Education can be translated into distance learning. The links below can help you get started with remote didactics.

Framework Blended Education

We are faced with the challenge to design our hybrid education flexibly. The Framework Blended Education provides guidelines to support decision-making in terms of which educational activities should take place online, which can be done in real life, and what could be done through, for example, traineeships.

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MyAcademy is the professionalisation platform of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. This is where you go for training courses, collegial exchanges and specific schooling. MyAcademy also offers several workshops and courses in English on request. 

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Your Online Classroom. A training on participatory online education

Your Online Classroom (YOC) is a course (3 sessions) provided by the external organization Dock20. During the course, you will learn how to create an ideal environment for learning online. You will experience the powerful working methods from the book Your Ideal Classroom of Dock 20, which are also offered in the NHL Stenden course Your Ideal Classroom of My Academy (YIC), in which you as a lecturer are given tools to help students learn more about the learning process, for example in a DBE workshop. The teaching methods in Your Online Classroom are the same teaching methods as in this YIC course but adapted to online education so that you can use them straight away with your students. There are costs associated to the training so please consult with your manager first.

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