Questions and answers


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the provision of online education. We regularly update this page in response to questions received at the Servicedesk. For more information about NHL Stenden and the coronavirus please consult the general Q&A on this subject.

I have a question about online testing

Extensive Q&A pages for students and teachers have been created specifically about online testing. You can access these pages using the links below.

How can I securely share large files?

If you want to share a large file, such as extensive research data or a video, please use Surf filesender. It enables you to send large files securely and encrypted. Visit the Surf filesender website for more information and to send your files.

How can I work safely from home?

It is important to be extra vigilant at the moment in terms of digital security, whether you are working on an NHL Stenden laptop or on your own computer, laptop or tablet. Please pay extra attention to the following:

  • Make sure your Windows of macOS operating system has the latest patches. 
  • Make sure your virus scanner and other security software are up to date. 
  • Make sure your local applications, like Chrome and Firefox, are up to date. 
  • Only work with applications that can be accessed via
  • Set up a security check for accessing your personal laptop, computer or tablet. This can be a password or a PIN code. 
  • Make sure you work from a secure WIFI-connection. Check the manual of your modem or router for instructions on how to secure your wireless network. 
  • Save important documents on OneDrive or SharePoint. 
  • If you step away from your computer for a minute, lock your computer. 
  • Should unexpected things occur, please contact the Service desk immediately. You can reach them via +31 (0)58 251 25 52 or
  • Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the coronacrisis. Be extra aware of phishing mails. 

By paying attention to the points above, we all contribute to the safety of our systems and the protection of confidential information. If you have any questions about this subject, please contact Privacy & Security via or +31 (0)58 251 1516.