Recording lectures

Due to the developments regarding the coronavirus, part of our education takes place digitally. This could mean offering a course online or recording a knowledge clip – activities that may be done from home. The Media Services & Productions team in the Digital Learning and Working Environment Service (DLWE) is there to support you.

Would you like to record an online lecture or knowledge clip? Send an email to As soon as we have received your email, we will contact you by phone as soon as possible to make an appointment. We will also assess the extent to which we can support you with the recording. If necessary, we will also give you a short instruction on how to present yourself in front of a camera. After the recording, we will make sure that the video is placed online, to be shared with students.

Recording in lecture halls and recording studios

There are recording facilities in lecture halls in Leeuwarden (Rengerslaan 8, Rengerslaan 10 and the windmill) and in Emmen. There are also recording studios in Leeuwarden (R10) and in Emmen. In addition, do-it-yourself studios will soon be installed in Meppel and in Terschelling. Do you work in Groningen or Assen? Then we can drop by to record web lectures and knowledge clips.

Accessible anywhere and anytime

The videos you record can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world. Would you like a taste of the possibilities? Take a look at Would you like more information or would you like to have a look in one of our studios? Send an email to or drop by at Rengerslaan 10 in Leeuwarden. Of course we are also happy to visit another NHL Stenden location for an introduction. 

Recording web lectures and knowledge clips from home

You can also record lectures or knowledge clips from home. We will be happy to explain how to do this and record your lectures with good audio and video quality. To do so, send an e-mail to


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