Recording lectures (from home)

Due to the developments regarding the coronavirus, part of our education takes place digitally. This could mean offering a course online or recording a knowledge clip – activities that may be done from home. The Media Services & Productions team in the Digital Learning and Working Environment Service (DLWE) is there to support you.

If you would like to record an online lecture or knowledge clip on campus, you’ll need to ask permission from your academy director first and then send an email to We are not allowed to let you enter the university buildings without permission.

As soon as we have received your email, we will phone you to make an appointment. We will also assess the extent to which we need to help you with your recording and, if necessary, give you a briefing on how to present yourself in front of a camera. Once the recording is done, we will place the video online for you, ready for you to share with students.

Accessible anywhere and anytime

At our locations Rengerslaan 8 and Rengerslaan 10 in Leeuwarden various facilities are available to give web lectures and record knowledge clips. In total there are 4 classrooms equipped with recording equipment and 2 studios to record a knowledge clip. The videos you record can be viewed at all times and anywhere in the world. Check  for a preview of the possibilities.

Recording web lectures and knowledge clips from home

You can also record lectures and knowledge clips from home with the Presentations2Go plugin for the Chrome browser. Read the manual for instructions.


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