Opening a Dutch bank account

We strongly recommend that you open a Dutch bank account for your time in the Netherlands. It will mean you avoid paying high transaction charges and it gives you access to an online payment tool which is linked to your bank account. The most popular online payment method in the Netherlands is iDEAL, and it is also used at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. iDEAL is similar to PayPal; easy to use and secure.

Student banking packages are free of charge and include the following services:

  • Debit card plus PIN (can be used worldwide)
  • Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Electronic bank statements

To be eligible to open a bank account, you must be enrolled at NHL Stenden and you must be registered with the local authorities as a local resident. You can open your account either at the campus branch or online. At the campus branch, you need to make an appointment to open a Dutch bank account. You will need the following documents:

The choice of a bank is yours, ABN AMRO Bank has an attractive student package where you can also apply for a bank account without a BSN number (you must submit this later).