Renting a bicycle

Having a bicycle to travel to places in the Netherlands is very practical and inexpensive. Students can either buy a second-hand bicycle or rent one with a monthly payment. The bike must have good lights (white light in the front, red light at the back) especially in the winter as the police regularly check cyclists for these lights. If you don’t have a working light, you risk paying a fine of €90. In addition, you need to be able to lock your bike, preferably with a wheel lock and a chain lock.

In Leeuwarden, the city centre is easy to walk round and if you want to explore the suburbs and beyond, you can rent a bicycle by Swap Fiets Rental. An Original Dutch Bike with coaster brakes can cost €16.50 a month or a Deluxe 7 can cost €19.50 a month.
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There are three types of Swap Fiets available in Groningen: an Original Dutch Bike with coaster brakes can cost €16.50 per month, a Deluxe 7 can cost €19.50 per month, and the Power 7 Luxury e-bike is available at €75.00 per month for cycling round this city with its many international students.
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