Joyce Kerstens (1965) is Associate Professor of Police, Partners and Digitization (Digital Blue) and conducts research on cybercrime and trends in digitization, the use of digital technology by police and partners and, innovative forms of citizen participation on behalf of the detection of cybercrime. The Associate professorship is part of the Cyber Safety Research Group at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the Police Academy. Joyce Kerstens is a sociologist with a focus on the significance of a technology-driven and data-driven environment for humans, i.e. users

Dr. Joyce Kerstens

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Joyce obtained her PhD in 2015 at the Faculty of Law of the Open University on the dissertation 'Youth and Cyber Safety: Youth being at risk and being a risk on the internet'. Recently, Joyce completed research on the effects of body cams on police work and on the functioning and value of ANPR. She also completed the pilot project Teenage Crime Fighters: an exploratory investigation on the online deployment of youth by the police in the fight against cybercrime. The pilot project Cracking the Criminal Mind is currently being conducted. Researchers and experts from the police work together with digitally skilled youth to identify cybercriminal revenue models. This is done through hackathons and within an online community where casuistry is presented and discussed.