As a networker and connector between business and research & education, Marcel Jonker is affiliated with the Maritime IT Security research group at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. He started his career as a mechanic/salesman at a nationally active agricultural mechanisation company in Friesland. In 2001 he completed his part-time Commercial Economics course and started working for an internationally operating machine factory as a technical project manager for Marketing & Sales. He has been able to support many food processors worldwide with their logistics issues. In 2018, he took on the
position of Sector Specialist Industry and Water Technology at Ynbusiness, in which he made connections between SMEs, education and government. In addition, Marcel has had his own company, Skerp, since 2012 taking on projects in the field of process improvement through 3D visualization techniques.

Marcel has been involved with the University of Applied Sciences since 2020 and is involved in, among other things, intensifying collaborations between different academies. A good example of this is the development of the Masterclass Cyber Safety and IT security. He is also involved in the development of the minor extension 'Educational module for teaching technology', and in developing projects for third-party funding streams as core business. In addition, together with his colleagues from Thorbecke, he is the driving force behind the project “Digital safe entrepreneurship and working in the Northeast Fryslân region.”

Marcel would like to get in touch with you, so feel free to send him an email if you want to know what NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences can do for you as an SME.




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