Sustainable Plastics

By 2050, the Netherlands should be running a fully circular economy, in which fossil raw materials are eliminated and replaced by renewable or recyclable materials. To achieve this, the Sustainable Plastics professorship is committed to developing bio-based and biodegradable plastics and sustainable production processes. Lecturers and researchers work passionately with students and companies in the Northern Netherlands on knowledge development and educational innovation, divided into four themes.

Research themes 

The Sustainable Plastics Professorship has four core themes: 3D Printing, biopolymers, sustainable fibres and biocomposites. Each theme has several research projects. Examples include the development of new bio-based plastics such as copolyesters from renewable raw materials, sustainable inks for 3D printers, composite products based on natural fibres and studies on energy reduction in plastics production processes.

Highlighted project

CuRe is an energy-efficient solution for endless product-to-product transformation. Infinite recycling, over and over again. CuRe Technology BV is a collaboration between the Morssinkhof Group and the DuFor/Cumapol Group, with strategic partners DSM-Niaga and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Together, the CuRe consortium offers high-level expertise in the sectors of recycled polyester production, waste preparation, and materials science. Contact

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Sustainable Plastics Research Group
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Team Members

  • Albert Hartman
  • Corinne van Noordenne
  • Daan van Rooijen
  • Geraldine Schnelting
  • Harm-Jan Bouwers
  • Jan Jager
  • Joyce Rotman
  • Rik Brouwer
  • Rudy Folkersma
  • Tobias van der Most
  • Vincent Voet