Research group ICT & Design

Two professorships are currently active within the ICT & Design research group: the Serious Gaming professorship and the Maritime IT Security professorship.

Professorship Serious Gaming

The ambition of the professorship Serious Gaming is to view the three primary result areas of our university – education, research, and valorisation – not as separate entities, but in conjunction with each other: The Serious Gaming Triangle. Education is provided by the Master Serious Gaming program, the Professorship Serious Gaming owns the serious gaming research, and valorisation is vested in the Serious Gaming Lab. When it comes to education or research with serious gaming, other educational programs, or professorships within our university, as well as external partners, can also act as initiators and owners of these activities. It happens often that the Serious Gaming Triangle contributes to the achievement of external objectives.

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Maritime IT Security

The goal of the Maritime IT Security research group is to conduct impactful research into cyber threats to the Maritime Transportation System (MTS). This will be achieved by leveraging our skills across disciplines within NHL Stenden in Ethical Hacking, Secure Programming, Serious Gaming, Maritime Technology, Maritime Officer Training, Marine Shipping Innovations and Cyber Safety. Student groups from all these disciplines contribute to the research, and our scope, apart from traditional maritime activities, includes inland water, port facilities and other critical elements of the MTS.

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Serious Gaming


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