Education fairs

Service Economy

During the past decades, the Service Economy has grown into the largest economic sector. Sectors in the fields of leisure, tourism, hospitality, retail and the creative sector went through a boom. This also applies to the healthcare sector. But how do you make sure that the focus stays on the customer? Within Service Economy, researchers, lecturers and students are looking for answers to this question.

Research groups

Leisure & Tourism

What is in store for us in the coming years in the field of leisure and tourism? How do these sectors cope with the call for sustainable business management? How can we make and keep our regions interesting for tourists? The Leisure & Tourism Professorship (applied sciences) engages in current issues from (regional) practice.

International Hospitality Research

How can we increase sustainability in the hospitality branch? What will the future of this industry look like? Which shifts have taken place in hospitality and the perception thereof? These are some of the questions that this research group tries to answer. The knowledge this brings forth is applicable anywhere in the world. `

Innovation in Higher Education

Innovation plays a vital part in NHL Stenden’s education. We motivate ourselves and our local partners to continually come up with smart ideas. It is also reflected in our educational concept, Design Based Education. Whether this means innovating education, or education that leads to innovation; this research group is where it happens.