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Smart Sustainable Industries

Due to new production technologies and the ever more important position of IT in our society, our industry is changing radically. Within Smart Sustainable Industries, our researchers, lecturers and students focus on the key question: “How can we use ICT to improve the manufacturing industry?”

Research groups

Entrepreneurial Excellence

What does it take for a company or individual to achieve a level of excellent entrepreneurship? Professorships (applied sciences) Personal Leadership & Innovation, International Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Excellence focus on growth, both in expanding competencies as well as growth factors for your company. This makes us and our local surroundings sustainable, smart, and resilient.

Smart Industries

There are seven Grand Challenges in Europe since 2014. These seven challenges form the research and innovation programme HORIZON 2020. This way Europe wants to stimulate contributions to a smart sustainable and inclusive economy from a variety of experts. NHL Stenden contributes to this by bundling and focusing research strength in the Smart Industries research group. The research is aimed at using a wide range of ‘enabling technologies’ to reinforce Dutch industries and society. Important industry partners in this group are Philips, Friesland Campina and Wetsus.

Sustainable Plastics

Technological applications for sustainable plastics are the way of the future. The research group Sustainable Plastics is committed to the cause and to sharing its knowledge and expertise with businesses and students. Its ultimate objective is to bring innovation to education and  to create spin-offs in the business sector. In addition, they are also looking to become a research hub for sustainable plastics for businesses in the north of the Netherlands and beyond. The research group collaborates with Emmtec Services Laboratorium en Applied Polymer Innovations.

Renewable Resources

This research group focuses on making products in general more sustainable. The main focus is on buildings, mobility, and generating energy in a sustainable way (solar and wind power). The group also aims to closing the plastics cycle. The aim is to create practical solutions to the benefit of our local communities.


New legislation and regulations are commonplace in the maritime industry. New regulations often give rise to innovative techniques, and form the foundation for environmental protection. The Maritime research group wants to develop applied research for the maritime sector based on this triangle. Our research is the basis for closing the gap between basic research and practical innovations in the maritime field. The innovative research activities are aimed at making the maritime sector safer, more efficient, and environment friendly.

Innovation in Higher Education

Innovation plays a vital part in NHL Stenden’s education. We motivate ourselves and our local partners to continually come up with smart ideas. It is also reflected in our educational concept, Design Based Education. Whether this means innovating education, or education that leads to innovation; this research group is where it happens.