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Vital regions

Rural areas used to function largely independently, but these days are strongly interwoven with the urban economy. This has consequences for education, care and welfare, safety and governance. How do we keep peripheral regions vital? Together with researchers, students and businesses, at Vital Regions, we look for answers to these questions.

Care and Welfare

The professorships (applied sciences) in this research group share a common view. They feel that children should grow up healthy and in a safe environment. They should be allowed to develop their talents and to participate in society to the best of their ability. Elderly people and those with a disability should live independently for as long as possible. If any civilian is in need of help, this is recognised at an early stage, and they would need to receive qualitative assistance. Research group Care and Welfare connects research to local communities, which contributes to a vital society surrounding our campuses.

iHuman – Health Care Digital

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Healthcare & Innovation in Psychiatry

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Nursing Leadership and Identity

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Youth Care

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Social Work and Arts Therapies

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Cyber Safety

Digitalisation is increasingly claiming an important role in today’s society. There is no harm in that, right? Unfortunately, not only the government resorts to digital means, but criminals as well. It is expected that the safety problems on the Internet will increase in the coming years. How do we make our digital society as safe as possible? The Cyber Safety research group and the professorship Cyber Safety (applied sciences) are researching security in a digital community.


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Social Media

Social media are constantly changing. Almost on a yearly basis, there are shifts in channels, successful content, and ways for companies to make use of social media. The Social Media research group looks at developments in social media and how companies can use this to their advantage.


Organizations and Social Media

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Vital Education

Research conducting by Vital Education is focused on learning. In the first years of our lives, all we do is learn. Most of us continue learning for the rest of our lives. Flexibility and sustainability are becoming more and more important aspects of learning and education. Our research leads to innovative solutions to practical issues. By implementing these findings in practice, children become better equipped to learn. Subsequently, schools and professionals are also able to further develop their knowledge and skills in a smart and vital way!


Early Childhood Studies

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Frisian and Multilingualism in Education and Parenting

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Frisian and Multilingualism

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Language Use and Learning

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wendbaar vakmanschap

Agile Craftsmanship

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duurzame schoolontwikkeling

Sustainable School Development

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Innovation in Higher Education

Innovation plays a vital part in NHL Stenden’s education. We motivate ourselves and our local partners to continually come up with smart ideas. It is also reflected in our educational concept, Design Based Education. Whether this means innovating education, or education that leads to innovation; this research group is where it happens.

open innovatie

Open Innovation

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Internationalisation of Higher Education

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Sustainable PBL Concepts in Higher Education

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