Wind Power

Fossil fuels are harmful to the environment. And what will we do when the supply runs out? Will there be a problem if access to fossil fuels is cut off by political instability? It would be great if we could depend on sustainable energy resources such as wind power.

Wind power, one of the greenest and most promising forms of sustainable energy generation, has grown significantly since the 1973 oil crisis. The north of the Netherlands is playing an important role in further developments because there’s always plenty of wind in this flat part of the country. Furthermore, many wind farms will be built in the near future. The expertise needed for wind power can be found in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Increasing public support

Together with other institutes in the north, NHL Stenden contributes to further developments in wind power by training specialists. The Wind Power professorship of applied sciences also focuses on research into further cost reduction and increasing public support.

Together with the Computer Vision professorship, the Wind Power professorship is involved in research into the automated inspection of wind turbines with the aid of drones. Another focus point is research into small wind turbines. Together with universities in the Netherlands and abroad, the professorship develops and competitively tests small wind turbines.

Who are our collaborators?  

Collaborating with businesses and institutes is vital if we want to succeed in our mission, which is to provide sustainable, innovative applications of wind power in the region.

The professorship researches and stimulates the development of wind power in all kinds of ways, and collaborates with partners on a range of projects. This has resulted, for example, in the Offshore Wind Power specialization, and the professorship coordinates the Wind module within the Renewable Energy EUREC Master’s degree programme at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.


The Wind Power professorship consists of a mixed group of researchers, lecturers and students. Together, we collaborate on innovative solutions to create a vibrant region, and seek  opportunities for the application of wind power.

Gerard Schepers is the professor of applied sciences for Wind Power. He heads a knowledge network in which experts from the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the professional field apply their knowledge and experience to teaching, research and innovation within the field. Students are also involved in the research projects.


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