Dynamic Positioning Induction

Practical information

The duration of the course is four days, from Monday 08.30 hour until Thursday 15.30 hour. 

Course dates

The course will be given on the following dates:

WK 35             29 August - 01 September 2022
WK 43             24–27 October 2022
WK 47             21-24 November 2022
WK 51             19-22 December 2022
WK 06            06-09 February 2023
WK 10             06-09 March 2023
WK 14             03-06 April 2023
WK 19             08-11 May 2023
WK 21             22-25 May 2023
WK 25             19-22 June 2023


You follow this course at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB) on Terschelling. This institute is located at Dellewal 8 on West-Terschelling and is one of the best equipped nautical and technical institutes in the Netherlands, part of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. The MIWB has all the facilities to complete your studies as professionally as possible, such as unique simulators and well-equipped labs and workshops.

Course fee

The DP Induction course fee is 2135 euro (exempt from VAT) including lunch, coffee and tea, excluding travel and subsistence expenses.

Entry requirements

To enter this course the participants should provide a Certificate of Competence (CoC) or an equivalent. For students and cadets, a confirmation letter of the institute attending is also accepted.


The course is Nautical Institute compliant and approved. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate and DP Operator Logbook (from the Nautical Institute) will be issued.