Branding Advertising Design

Our goal is to design catchy and persuasive messages with pictures and words as our main ingredients. You'll get the chance to work on campaigns, design (video, photo, graphic) and copywriting. Our main focus is on Concepting, Design, Communication and Project Management.

We think it is important to deepen your knowledge on psychology, sociology and arts, in combination with the universal principles of design. Seduction is our game... But we also believe in creating a better world so we work with socially involved partners.


Study start

  • February
  • September


  • Leeuwarden


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • IT & Media

Minor content

You will be creating meaningful concepts and products that activate people to think and act. In order to do this you need understanding of the way people think. Therefore it is interesting to learn the culture that you are living in and what the difference is between cultures. And last but not least you need to know how visual language works.

To become a successful creator we dare you to make stories of your own and express yourself in visual language. We dare you to be original and creative in what you make and do. You will be successful when you have developed your own vision on the discipline and can work/create from those beliefs. 

Structure of the minor

If you choose Branding Advertising Design you commit to:

  • actively joining what we do (communities of expertise on Friday, field trips, the kick off)
  • always looking for new skills and knowledge and how to combine them
  • work hard and develop your portfolio

In one semester there are 30 EC, you work on real problems from real clients in multidisciplinary teams. Most of the time you work with your group on the projects, there are also lectures and communities of expertise to work even more on particular skills. 


There will be 2 assessments during this semester. Documentation and a presentation are leading.  

Target group

Students interested in branding
Students interested in visual language
Student interested in advertising
Students interested in design (video, photo, graphic, animation)

Every semester we organise a trip abroad. This trip is voluntarily, but is of big value. The costs are about €150.

The minor has a kick-off on a Wadden-island for about €50.

Because of the corona-virus there are no trips right now so there won’t be any costs for the minor other than the literature and materials you want to buy.
There are no books or other materials required.


Do you have questions about this minor? Ask them via the online form.