Future Proof Hospitality

Want to know what it takes to make the hospitality industry future proof? Discover how the industry can contribute to a sustainable society while securing its own future? While you gain broad knowledge, the right attitude, and experience to to be a sustainable catalyst for the hospitality industry? Then the minor Future Proof Hospitality is what you're looking for!


Study start

  • February
  • November


  • Leeuwarden


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

Unit 1 & 2: Real World cases from the Sustainable Hospitality Value Chain 
The module consists of an introduction week, three blocks of two weeks focusing on themes from the Sustainable Hospitality Value Chain (SHVC) and a final week. The SHVC has been developed by the Stenden Research Group Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism (Cavagnaro, 2014). 

During the introduction week the SHVC will be explored and your knowledge of essential sustainability concepts and the Three Levels of Sustainability framework (Cavagnaro and Curiel, 2012) will be refreshed. In the following 3 blocks specific themes of the SHVC will be explored, cases will be analysed and investigated using relevant tools and theories using design thinking. Outcomes of the analyses should be translated into design that represents a sustainable solution to a sustainability challenge faced by our ‘Real World’ partner.  

Unit 3: Personal reflection on acquired knowledge and growth  
The purpose of this unit is to develop Leadership for Sustainability.   This unit is a continuation of personal, professional and tactical knowledge of sustainability of year one, two (and three), and is the foundation on which you enter the ‘Real World’ as a change agent for sustainability. 

Structure of the minor

Learning Outcome: Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of sustainability when finding sustainable solutions to “Real World” problems of the hospitality industry. 

The purpose of this minor is to support your further development to become a leader for sustainability in the hospitality industry. This is done by strengthening your competences towards sustainability by designing solutions to “Real World” problems. The requirement for these solutions is that they add value to the organisational level / triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). 

In this module you will learn and experience you are going to work on real life Design Challenges that represent all the aspects above. With help of experts, lectures, student-led seminars, and other activities, you will develop yourself as future proof hospitality expert and entrepreneur. 

Expert sessions  
Lectures are meant to guide you through the main concepts and themes of the module, such as for example sustainable development, sustainable behaviour, the Sustainable Hospitality Value Chain and storytelling.    

External Expert Sessions  
Guest lectures are given by partners from the network of the Research Group in Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism or experts invited by students. We take care that the guest lectures are as far as possible connected with the themes of the lectures and workshops. Topics are for example sustainable architecture, social media & care. 

Student led seminars are, as the word said, let by you. We, as a team coordinating the module, are spectators. Seminars are connected to the topics discussed during previous lectures and will prepare you for the Pressure Cooker. 

Field trips  

Pressure Cooker Design Challenges


The test methods:   

  • Poster presentation or infographic 
  • Defense of the professional product (result of the Design Challenge) 
  • Learner reflection report 

Admission requirements

Followed year 1 and 2 of your own Bachelor’s education. 
This minor fits all the educational fields and will take you further in the expertise, skills, and competences you are building to be a professional entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. 

There are no costs with the exception of possible fields trips within Friesland. 


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