Healthy and Happy Ageing Bali

The minor is about

  • Acquiring intercultural competences through comparative studies of culture, values, habits and norms, and ways of thinking in the health professions;
  • Achieve an understanding of gerontological and geriatric care;
  • Developing an open-minded and committed view of health strategies in your own culture, as well as in other cultures.

Acquiring intercultural communicative and collaborative competences suited to professional practice.

“This minor has changed my view of aging. Healthy and Happy ageing is not only about elderly but covers all age categories. Catch them young and watch them grow...”Hillyjanne van der Schaar”


Study start

  • February


  • Bali


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Healthcare and Well-being

Minor content

  • Local context
  • Cross culture understanding and Bahasa (language)
  • Gerontological and Geriatric concept
  • Healthy and Happy Ageing at Bali
  • Music Therapy, Boreh Therapy, Lengis Tandusan & Acupressure, Balinese Yoga, Melukat
  • Healthcare at Bali
  • East meets West
  • Voluntary project in Sanganan Village and Voluntary Project in Nursing Home
  • Presentation & assessment

Structure of the minor

In the Netherlands, healthcare innovation has developed at a rapid pace in the past few decades. Increasingly, people are reaching old age. People strive to live a long and healthy life and want to stay active, even in their later years. This is also expected of them. Patients and professional caregivers are increasingly becoming partners in care, meaning that they jointly discuss the needs of the elderly person, focusing mainly on wellbeing. In the years ahead, the focus will increasingly shift to prevention and wellness. Technology, e-health and home automation are becoming increasingly important in enabling people to stay at home and to remain independent for as long as possible. In this minor, the focus is on EAST MEETS WEST. What similarities and differences are there with regard to the older population of Indonesia and specifically in Bali when it comes to norms, values, culture, health care, prevention, technology, wealth, poverty, wellbeing, etc. What can we learn from each other, to en-sure future-proof care and wellbeing for the elderly. The concepts that will be covered deal with the different groups of the elderly, healthy ageing, prevention, communication, interdisciplinary work, and applied research. The language of instruction is English. 


The language of instruction is English. At the end of the minor, the student will take an exam in the form of a portfolio assessment.

Admission requirements

The minor best suits students from the following study programs:

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Educational Theory
  • Health Technology
  • Arts Therapies

This minor is offered by de study program Nursing.


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