Heritage Experience Management - Qatar

Do you agree that heritage is the most important resource for international tourism? Do you want to learn how it can be managed, for both tourists and local communities and governments who 'own' heritage? In that case, the minor Heritage Experience Management is just what you need!

Heritage is used to create an identity, employment, economic regeneration and bring new uses to connections with the past. Examples of heritage are legends, castles, ceremonies and monuments. By the end of the module you'll be able to explain different perspectives of heritage and its relationship with tourism, understand the wider social and political context, and discuss developments and current issues and management issues in heritage development. 


Study start

  • September


  • Qatar


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

The content will provide a broad understanding of the range of heritage attractions that exist but will also allow students to develop an in-depth analytical perspective on many current, controversial and industry-relevant issues. The themes included in the module are: Defining Heritage, Heritage Tourism, The Politics of Heritage, Heritage Policy in Practice, Contested Heritage, Dissonant Heritage, Dark Tourism and Thanatourism, Military Heritage and Battlefield Tourism, Religious Heritage, The Museums sector, Commercial Heritage, Urban and Rural Heritage, Tradition: Living Heritage and Heritage Events, Managing Heritage Attractions, Marketing Heritage Tourism, Heritage Interpretation, Memory, Memorials and Remembrance, Heritage and Identity, Industrial Heritage.   

The minor consists of: 

  • Various heritage experience management and tourism related cases discussed in a Design Based Education setting; 
  • Module Assignment in which students in small groups research, develop and conduct a heritage tour; 
  • An exam of open questions at the end of the module; 
  • A series of lectures including guest lectures; 
  • A couple of local visits within and around Qatar 

Structure of the minor

The module comprises practice and theory and offers you an opportunity to engage in a detailed study of heritage experience management and the various related policy initiatives found within the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. Additionally, it involves different perspectives of heritage and its relationship with tourism, the wider social and political context, developments and current trends and management issues in heritage development.  

Cooperating with other students in a Design Based Learning setting, you work on an assignment from an industry representative. You will develop and carry out a viable, marketable heritage themed experience in the form of a guided tour, which is the practical outcome of the minor. Next to this, the various student-led workshops and case discussions represent the theoretical outcome of minor in form of an exam. 

An integral part of the minor is several short fieldtrips to various historical and heritage-rich sites around Qatar, with presentations from organizations involved in heritage tourism and management, and its development, conservation, marketing, interpretation and so forth.   

Educational Methods:  

  • Lectures: total of 18 (1.5hr) lectures schedules throughout the module.  
  • Student-led Workshops: 2x2 hour sessions per week.  
  • Tourism Hub: 2x2 hour sessions per week. 
  • Field trip and excursions: 1 week fieldtrip which consists of short excursion visits within Qatar will be planned.  


The assessment for this Minor comprises the following elements: 

  1. Exam: incorporating open answer / essay questions  
  2. Guided Tour: You create a tour which identifies and presents the aspects of the heritage theme you have been researching for you module assignment and actually conduct the tour whilst being assessed; 
  3. Izi.TRAVEL app: Creation of a self-guided heritage themed tour with the help of izi.TRAVEL. 

Target group

In this minor students learn to create, maximize and manage a heritage themed, commercially viable experience. Students also analyze a heritage management problem and provide advice to industry representatives.  This way students develop specialist knowledge which may be directly applicable to their future career aspirations.   

The Minor is offered as part of the Grand Tour to eligible students of the third year. The timing of the Minor is subject to demand and the decision of Stenden University Qatar but, in principle, can run in any or all of the four module periods of Year 3.    


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