The Inspirational Coach and Leader

Want to develop your personal branding strategy? Identify your personality type and improve your personal and social competencies? Learn about different types of coaching, their benefits and how to use professional coaching as an effective framework for inspirational development  of emplyees and teams? Then The Inspirational Coach and Leader is the right minor for you!


Study start

  • February
  • April
  • September
  • November


  • Bali


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Business and Management
  • IT & Media

Minor content

The global and competitive working world is changing continuously and ever faster, not least because of the increasing influence of ongoing technological innovation. These conditions imply high demands on companies, leaders and employees. A distinct ability to develop personal and social skills, agility and resilience are required to achieve the expected work performance. And the way we lead, collaborate and communicate is more important than ever before. Because in the workplace, too, it is interpersonal relationships that create orientation, a sense of belonging and trust. If these premises are in place, innovation, creativity, motivation and work performance will increase. Using coaching as a method to effectively support leaders, employees and teams is standard practice in today’s corporate world. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching aims to inspire and enable professional and personal potential in a thought-provoking and creative process.

Coaching creates a resource-oriented framework in which personal and social competencies can be identified and further developed. Leaders who apply a coaching-oriented leadership style create a trustful and inspiring team culture. And they motivate to focus on solutions and strengths rather than problems and mistakes. In this minor, you learn what professional coaching is and how it differentiates from other methods of personal development. You understand how through coaching the performance of individuals and teams can be successfully improved. The course introduces how a coaching-oriented leadership style differs from others. And why leaders who have coaching know-how and attitude are more successful. Various inspiring guest speakers, who are impactful coaches, bring in their know-how and experiences. This interactive course includes various experiential indoor and outdoor team-building events and fieldtrips. You furthermore have the opportunity to develop your own personal and social skills. In the context of workshops, you design a self-marketing strategy (vision, mission and goals) and identify your personality type.

Thanks to various exercises and peer feedback, you improve your overall communication and presentation skills. This minor is for you, if you want to make a difference in your professional live as socially competent employee and future inspirational leader.

  • Developing your personal branding strategy (vision, mission, values)
  • Identifying your personality type (profiling) and improving your personal and social competencies (impactful communication/presentation skills, conflict resolution)
  • Learning about different types of coaching, its benefits and introducing professional coaching as an effective framework for inspirational employee/team development
  • Understanding team-dynamics and how to lead and develop a high-performing team

Structure of the minor

Unit Learning Outcomes:

  • Unit 1: Personal Branding (5 EC's)
    LO1:  The student develops a personal brand that demonstrates knowledge of how to self-market as a strategy for future career success
  • Unit 2: Coaching & Leadership (5EC's)
    LO2: The student analyzes coaching as a method for individual and organizational development and how coaching differentiates from other learning modalities.
  • Unit 3: Team Development
    LO3: The student demonstrates how a coaching-based leadership style can be used to build and lead a high performing team


  • Personal branding Pitch Presentation
  • Self-Reflection Essay
  • Industry Report (Case study)
  • Peer Coaching
  • Student Led Seminar

Admission requirements

Minor is accessible for students who have obtained a propaedeutic degree from a bachelor's programme and 30 credits from the post-propaedeutic programme associated with that programme.

Note: All students will benefit from this minor no matter what academic background – however, particularly blend well with BA and IHM programmes.


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