Integrated Digital Marketing

Want to get a basic understanding of digital marketing as an integral element of an organization’s and individual’s overall business strategy? Analyse digital marketing strategies and implement specific skills to position the organization in accordance with the needs and wants of their customers? Then the minor Integrated Digital Marketing is what you need!

You will learn skills like web technology, content writing and digital graphic design which are covered extensively and will support you to implement ideas creatively. Furthermore, you will develop your professional management and consultancy skills on an individual basis and as a team member in an intercultural setting. 


Study start

  • February
  • April
  • September
  • November


  • Thailand


  • English

European credits

  • 15 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Business and Management
  • IT & Media

Minor content

This minor is about how to build the online presence of a brand, also how to manage the digital platforms to sell products. Furthermore, learning how to use the graphic and web design for a better user experience. Likewise crafting social media content to engage conversations with the audience even working as a team and pitching your work like a real digital agency and learn about the upcoming trends in the digital marketing industry.

Structure of the minor

Unit 1: Digital Marketing (6 EC)  
The student is able to design a marketing strategy to help a business launch online and grow its revenue by understanding who is the audience and how to capture it in order to promote the brand effectively. Also, manage organic growth and paid marketing through all available online channels. Likewise, make and maintains contact with the clients and other parties in a systematic way. As well as contribute to sustainable distribution.   

Unit 2: Web (3 EC)  
An interactive prototype will be designed to ease the project workflow with stakeholders also build and run an effective sales platform from scratch using CMS. 

Unit 3: Media (3 EC)  
The student can create impactful channels of engagement that will go in-hand with digital growth (both organic and paid), craft content which will create conversations with the end-users (educate, inform, entertain), contribute to the realization of media and entertainment concepts into media and entertainment products, advise on the means of interaction, communication and visualization concerning deployment during communication and interface development, make recommendations for the design of an ICT and/or digital media product based on a given usability analysis and implement the digital marketing products.   

Unit 4: Professional Development (3 EC)  
The student can design processes of internal and external business, communication efficiency both internal and external, demonstrate characteristics of an individual professional fundamental attitude, work professionally together in an interdisciplinary and/or intercultural working environment and has respect for others base on the ethical convictions and profession’s code. 


  • Unit 1:  the students create a digital marketing plan commissioned by a real life client to showcase their analytical skills and implement the knowledge taught in this unit.  
  • Unit 2: the students create their client’s e- commerce website on Wordpress. 
  • Unit 3: the students have to show that they are able to apply graphic design and content writing skills that support the overall Digital Marketing strategy. 
  • Unit 4:  the personal blog allows the student to reflect in an engaging and creative way about his/her own individual learning and obtained insights and showcase the skills acquired.  

Target group

GT minors are open to all students of NHL Stenden.

This minor is offered by Creative Business.


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