International Relations 1

Want to develop yourself as a culturally competent professional who understands how their work impacts the global community? To be able to take a seat at the table where decisions are being made? With a special focus in Thai language and culture and public communication? Then the minor International Relations 1 is what you need!

As the hub of multinational companies and international organizations that are in the forefront of leading the globalization trends, Bangkok is the ideal place to follow this minor.  


Study start

  • February
  • September


  • Thailand


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Business and Management
  • Hospitality Management

Minor content

Unit 1: International Relations Concepts (6 EC)  
The student is able to understand how the world as we know it has developed through the use of International Relations Concepts and their implications as well as their current application seen in Diplomacy, International Law and Economics, Politics etc.   

Unit 2: Public Communication Skills (3 EC)  
The student is able to develop their public communication skills through blog-writing workshops, Model United Nations sessions, presentations, written reports using APA citations and self-reflective papers.   

Unit 3: Thai Language and Cross-cultural Understanding (3 EC)  
The student is able to obtain a beginner’s level in Thai language in listening and speaking and recognise Thai alphabet symbols, as well as identify cultural differences and understanding.   

Unit 4: International Experiences (3 EC)  
The student is able to motivate their understanding of International Relations Concepts by an immersion into the availability of field trips to the United Nations, NGO regional headquarters and Civil Society offices. In addition, the students will proactively seek their own experience with a membership into the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand and by participating in their various activities.   

Structure of the minor

  • Unit 1: Literature Review Report and Comparative Analysis Presentation to explain and demonstrate the sensible interpretation of the findings and to present these in logical order. 
  • Unit 2: Research, Presentation, Protocol and Participation in Model United Nations along with Blog Writing to enhance and express ideas and viewpoints 
  • Unit 3: Thai Language Roleplay and Understanding Thainess Blog 
  • Unit 4: International Experience Portfolio to reflect on how this experience impacts the  future with possible change/affirmation of goals or action plans. 


GT minors are open to all students of NHL Stenden.


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