Premaster Tourism Geography & Planning

Want to know which impact tourism has on the social, cultural and spatial characteristics of an area? How tourists influence and experience places and cultures? How regional identities can be used for tourism planning and how could tourism contribute to regional development? Find out in the premaster Tourism Geography and Planning!

The premaster Tourism Geography & Planning prepares students for enrolment to the Master Cultural Geography from the University Groningen (in Leeuwarden, Campus Fryslân). The Premaster exists of two minors: Heritage Experience Management (module 3) and Statistics and Research Training (module 4), as well as a thesis on a relevant topic (fourth year).


Study start

  • February


  • Leeuwarden


  • English

European credits

  • 30 EC's

Minor type

  • For all bachelor programmes

Subject area

  • Tourism and Leisure

Minor content

The premaster Tourism Geography and Planning prepares you for the Master Cultural Geography with a specialization in Tourism Geography and Planning at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG). After completing the premaster, students can directly enroll in this Master without an additional study delay. 

Tourism is a global phenomenon with important regional and local impacts. Policymakers often focus on tourism to reach regional development aims. Tourism could lead to economic growth and maintenance of the living standard and cultural facilities in areas that struggle with declining traditional economic sectors. The Master program offers critical insights into the role of the tourism sector in such livability and identity questions. It offers international, place-based, critical and research- oriented approaches to discuss socio-cultural and spatial perspectives on tourism development.  

Structure of the minor

The premaster consists of the modules Heritage Experience Management and Statistics and Research Training, followed by a dissertation under supervision of both NHL Stenden and the RUG.


Minor Heritage Experience Management:  
The minor comprises case studies, presentations, mini-assignments, workshops, a module assignment, field trips and an open questions test. Furthermore, students will follow the guest lectures of the module Tourism Policy and Planning of the Masters of International Leisure and Tourism Studies (MILTS) at Stenden.   

Minor Statistics and Research Training:  
The assessment of both the statistics course and the research training centers on writing a research paper – as inspired by the design of the Bachelor’s thesis for the Human Geography & Planning program provided by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. This paper should have a strong focus on the relationships between tourism, geography and town and country planning.   

A relevant topic related to Tourism Geography and Planning. 


Admission requirements

  • Internal students: Accessible for students of the following institutes: ABA, BE, CE, HRM, IBL, IBMS, IHM, LE, LM, MEM, SBRM, ITM. 
  • External student: Equivalent of completion of 2nd Year Bachelor management program. Prior to subscription, please email the contact person for specific requirements. 


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