And we're off! NHL Stenden University has now officially opened its doors

Monday 22 January 2018

NHL University and Stenden University have joined forces as of 1 January 2018 when the administrative merger was completed. The study programmes will welcome the first contingent of new students in September 2018 at the NHL Stenden University. We already present ourselves as one university in all our recruitment brochures.

NHL and Stenden have been merged into one new university. This powerful partnership will provide students, companies, institutions and employees with new opportunities and benefits. Education, research and the professional field are mutually dependent. This is why we are always on the lookout for opportunities to cooperate with partners who also like to push the boundaries.

Ground-breaking education

NHL Stenden University offers ground-breaking and innovative education and will enable staff and students to discover, develop and use their talents on a daily basis. The link between education, research and the professional field is an important pillar for the new university. We are a multi-campus university with a strong international profile. We also play an important role in the regions where we have our campuses, both at home and abroad. We also challenge our students to push their boundaries, for example with an internship abroad or a Grand Tour.

Forging links between various sectors

Our new educational concept Design Based Education (DBE) supports this co-creation between education and professional practice. Our focus on forging links between various sectors creates opportunities for innovation, both inside and outside the university. This means that we are the driving force behind research into solutions and innovations which benefit both the professional field and education. With DBE we often work in “studios”. Students, lecturers and researchers work together on real life issues as faced by the professional field. This results in world-wise students who are prepared for the international labour market and know how to work together in a multidisciplinary setting.

 More than the sum of its parts

We represent a vibrant university: over 24,000 students, more than 100 courses, over 2,200 employees and approximately 50 professorships. An influential university with plenty of individual attention for students. Our research is particularly focused on: Vital Regions, Smart Sustainable Industries and Service Economy. Focus areas that provide relevant knowledge and research outcomes that contribute to regional development. In a nutshell: NHL Stenden University is the ideal place for the integration of knowledge and innovation and to foster a mutually beneficial partnership between education and the professional field.

Tested in practice

NHL Stenden University pushes the boundaries in research, innovation and continuous improvements. We cannot do this without the right partners. Together, we look for innovative solutions that have been tested in practice. And we train young professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that are required by the professional field and who can see beyond the borders of their field of study. People who are not afraid to innovate and who proudly contribute to the future.


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